On this page we’ve collected some of the free rules produced by members over the years. Note that some of these rules are somewhat old and may not reflect the current thinking of their authors, but are kept here for archive and research purposes. Dates of development are given where possible to guide you. We may in due course move older rules to an archive page.

A Wee DRAM of Napoleon - Operational level Napoleonic Rules by Tim Gow (2001)

Battle of Britain rules and playing pieces by John Armatys (2001)

Brown Bess Squared horse and musket rules by John Armatys (2022)

Donald Trump vs Donald Trump by Russell King. A dice entertainment for one – or is it two? – on possibly the best President ever – or the worst? (2021)

Fireteam II Modern Skirmish Rules by John Armatys (58k) (2005, originally 1991)

Ironclad Draughts by Richard Brooks, Nigel Drury, and Bob Cordery (2007)

Military Memoirs by Graham Evans (1336k) (2007)

Over the Hills (and Far Away) by D Wayne Thomas.  Brigade to Corps size battles in the period 1790 - 1840. (2018)

Pig Sticking by John Armatys. Literally the sport of pig-sticking. Players are warned that this can be seen as a "black" game. (2020)

Pike & Shot - English Civil War Wargames Rules by John Armatys (125k) (2005, originally 1987)

Red Army - White Guards by Graham Evans (3000k) (c.2007)

Red Flags and Iron Crosses by Bob Cordery (47k) (2005)

Redcoats & Natives - Colonial Wargames Rules by Bob Cordery (43k) (2006)

The Chaco War by Bob Cordery

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