COW 2023

COW 2023

With Knutson now up for sale, this year COW was held at Missenden Abbey in Gt Missenden in Buckinghamshire. I think it's fair to say that pretty much everyone found it to be an ideal venue for us, with a wide range of different sized rooms for games, a big plenary room, tea and coffee on-tap (and even a bar in the evenings), lots of bedrooms, excellent food, friendly staff, a huge lawn or two and a railway station within easy walking distance. I think there's a good chance we'll be back there in 2024, and 2025.....

Around 50 members attended for the weekend. There were about 38 sessions (almost all games, with just a few "illustrated" discussions), with up to 6 games running simultaneously!

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Missenden Abbey

Friday Evening Games

On Friday there is traditionally a plenary game to act as an ice-breaker. This time it was Spartacists - a (vaguely) role-playing/committee game on the Germany immediately after WW1, with added street action! After that there were a number of mostly shorter games for people to play - although Another Footfall Situation allegedly finished around 2am!

Saturday Games

Twenty-four games were available on Saturday. There may even have been a few more as COW as a bit of an "unconference" vibe and if there's a spare slot you can just add a game for it onto the big wall planner. Most games have a sign-up sheet which people use on arrival and throughout the weekend to get signed up for a game.

Sunday Morning Games

Games usually only run on Sunday morning, so that we can hold the AGM immediately after lunch and people can make a reasonable getaway.

Missenden Abbey

Finally a few shots of Missenden Abbey.

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