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VCOW 2021

6th September 2020

What is it? When is it? Where is it? What will it cost me?

VCOW 2020 comfortably exceed the expectations we had for the event when our traditional Conference of Wargamers was cancelled. That the well-educated Anarchist collective that is WD managed to pull off a weekend of innovative and entertaining gaming and discussion is a testament both to the underlying strength of the organisation and to the hard work and dedication to the cause of the membership.

VCOW featured participants from four continents and welcomed many new and returning members, many of whom had in the past been unable to share in the COW experience. The post-VCOW participantís survey revealed overwhelming support for the event and a desire to repeat the experience.

Given that the global pandemic shows every sign of being with us into next year; that VCOW widened participation and encouraged many new members to join us; and that the event was such a success, the virtual committee has decided to host a similar VCOW event over the weekend of 5-7 February 2021.

VCOW 2021 is not a replacement for COW. We are planning to hold COW as normal in July 2021. If circumstances make this impossible, we will look into running a second virtual event in the summer of 2021, however this is a backup plan only.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Details of sessions available will be posted on the VCOW blog and this will be updated as more information becomes available.

Attendance at VCOW is open to the following:

Members of Wargame Developments

Guests invited by WD members

Numbers will be limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

Bob Cordery, Tim Gow, and Matthew Hartley

What is Wargame Developments?

Wargame Developments (WD) is a group of like-minded wargamers who are dedicated to developing wargames. It is a non-commercial organisation, and its aims are:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of new ideas and concepts.

  • To develop both new and existing methods of recreating military conflicts.

Wargame Developments was founded in 1980, and since then it has pursued its aims in several different ways. These include:

  • Running an annual conference (COW - the Conference Of Wargamers).

  • Publishing a regular journal (The NUGGET) that is sent to all members nine times per year.

  • Putting on participation games at major wargames shows in the UK in order to demonstrate the sort of developments in wargaming that are being undertaken by members of WD.

  • Supporting groups of members who are working together to develop particular ideas and concepts (e.g. Megablitz - a set of operational level rules for twentieth century warfare - and Matrix Games).

It is now possible to pay for membership of Wargame Developments and to attend COW using PayPal.

Recent News

The PDF version of Nugget 333 is now available to download. The Wargame Developments Data Protection Policy is also now available to download.

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